why I love Downton

In case you weren’t aware, I love Downton Abbey.

To be honest, I don’t watch a ton of TV. Sure there’s Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family and Mad Men too but y’all Downton Abbey is something special.

Downton Abbey: Top 5

1. The characters: They are a funny, dramatic bunch on and off screen. (The off screen part is just a guess because even though I like to pretend that Mary Crawley and I have tea every Thursday, it’s not real life.)

2. The setting: 1920s, England. Just look at Highclere castle…yes, I will be married there.

3. The attractive young men: not even ashamed to admit this. Between Tom Branson and Matthew Crawley, there is puhlenty of eye candy. I mean do you see those cream sweater vests?

4. The dialogue: While Downton Abbey has its serious moments (like that time Lady Sybil was seizing and Tom was crying and I was crying, remember that?), it’s also hilarious. Especially the Dowager, played by Maggie Smith. She is my home girl.

5. The wardrobe: Long, unshapely dresses and large flowered hats never looked so fantastic.

Now, hurry up and catch up before the season 3 finale on Sunday!


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