Inspired || 2013

I typically come up with a long list of New Year’s resolutions. However, I have found that the list I make usually discourages me with its longevity than it does inspire me to obtain the goals I set for myself.

This year, I have decided to have one resolution for the year 2013, and then have a list of 5 goals to complete each month.

This year, I am planning to take my love for movies like Roman Holiday, books like Pride &Prejudice and turn them into inspiration.I have a love for old films and old books. The story lines and the characters captivate me in ways that current movies do not. It seems that these days a woman who curses like a sailor and has a sassy attitude is much more common and I find it disheartening. So this year, I aspire to embody the elegance, seamless grace and character of the past. It is my hope that these things will shine through not only me as a person, but also my photographs in the year 2013.


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