The greatest gift of all.

Two days before Christmas, my family and I headed up to D.C., bringing with us some very special gifts. These gifts were not for us but rather for the parents of some very special children. My oldest sister, Andrea, works for Daybreak Ministry which is a program that works with children inner city children. This Christmas, we decided to go out and buy gifts and set up a store for the children in the program to come and buy for their parents. We helped the children wrap their gifts and make cards and decorate cookies.

Daybreak-1 Daybreak-2 Daybreak-4 Daybreak-5 Daybreak-6 Daybreak-8 Daybreak-9 Daybreak-11 Daybreak-12 Daybreak-13 Daybreak-14 Daybreak-15 Daybreak-16 Daybreak-17 Daybreak-18 Daybreak-19 Daybreak-20 Daybreak-21 Daybreak-22 Daybreak-23 Daybreak-24 Daybreak-25 Daybreak-26 Daybreak-27 Daybreak-29


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