Walking in Man Clogs

For those of you who don’t know, I just moved in to my dorm room at Johnson & Wales University where I’ll be majoring in Culinary Arts. I couldn’t be more excited. I love schedules and knowing when things are happening and let me tell you, things could not be more structured around here.

I’m taking a Purchasing & Production Identification class for my first 9 days. I’ll have this class for 9 days for 6 HOURS a day! I’ll have to wake up each morning at 5:45 to iron my chef pants and chef coat and put on my ridiculous hat and clogs that I’m pretty sure are made for men…but hey, at least I get to carry around a bag full of knives right? So cool.

Even though I’ll be on my feet from 7am-1pm, I am so freaking pumped! I had class orientation in the Storeroom today for 2.5 hours and can I just say, I have never seen so many onions and 10lb cans of tomatoes. And you should see the spice rack! It’s actually insane.

With my day ending at 1pm, I have a lot of high hopes for my free afternoons. I hope to find some clients in the Charlotte area (put my name out there you Queen City folk!). I’m hoping to meet Geoff & Cheyenne Schultz and talk photography with them. I’m hoping to attend Elevation Church’s Uptown campus which is only a 4 minute drive from campus. I really hope to continue blogging and finding time to take some pictures, though you should be warned, posts will probably be more wordy but you’ll get to hear about my crazy life as a culinary students and learn what it’s like when you’re walking around in man clogs.

I hope you had a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Walking in Man Clogs

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