Baked eggs + Social Networking

I love technology. This sounds weird considering how much I love Little House on the Prairie and everything but technology allows me to network and interact with people I normally wouldn’t.

Instagram and Twitter for instance are probably the most used apps on my iPhone. I follow other photographers and bloggers and actually interact with them! When I was deciding between a Kelly Moore Bag and a Shoot Sac, I tweeted some photographers about it, asking their opinion and they replied! So cool right? Well the other day, one of my favorite food bloggers, Julie, posted this photo on instagram and we interacted! (PS I basically adore everything about her blog.)

And I did what she suggested, I baked eggs. See her blog post here.


2 thoughts on “Baked eggs + Social Networking

    • I remember correctly mine were in for 12ish minutes and were fully cooked when I took them out. In my opinion they were too done but I like my yolk to still be a bit runny. Hope that helps!

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      On Aug 14, 2012,

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