Wonder Workshop | Part 6

I learned more in the 1 and a half days I spent participating in Wonder than I have learned in the past 2/3 years I’ve been teaching myself the aspects of photography.

The most important thing I gained from this workshop was a newfound confidence in myself. I realized that while a well-constructed camera body and quality lenses can help create a beautiful photograph, the photographer makes it. And it doesn’t matter that I’m 18 because I am passionate about this art and passion creates confidence which creates success in any endeavor.

I just got realllll deep on you.

How about this fabulous cake from Paradox Pastry?
I want to extend another enormous thank you to everyone who participated: Jen Fariello, Robert Radifera, Katie Stoops, Shindig Weddings + Events, Pat’s Floral Designs, Avenue 42, Modelogic, Paradox Pastry, The Catering Outfit.

If I’m forgetting anyone, I apologize but know how much I appreciate all that you did!


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