Wonder Workshop | Part 1

In case you were wondering as to whether or not I enjoyed my first workshop experience, let me just say that I am having withdrawals. Part of me feels like I’m going to become one of those workshop junkies, that’s how amazing Wonder was.

I’m splitting my experience into parts so your eyes don’t start to tear up from all of the loveliness that was this workshop.

The first night, all of the attendees, there were 10 of us, met at the gorgeous home of Jen Fariello. There we photographed Lydia and her boyfriend who, mind you, are not professional models! Surprised? So was I!

The exceedingly talented Katie Stoops photographed them first and explained how she approaches engagement sessions. I felt like a dry sponge just soaking it all in.

After a while, Katie stepped back and allowed the rest of us to take photos and put this adorable couple in various poses. Robert Radifera took behind the scenes photos and he and Adam Barnes were around to answer any questions that we had. It was amazing.

We ended the night on Jen’s porch with dinner. I’ll admit, when I first arrived, I got pretty shy being the youngest person attending but dinner was a great opportunity for me to really talk to everyone.


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