life on the prairie

It’s pretty ironic that I posted about my wish to live with Laura Ingalls Wilder because for the past two days, that’s exactly what I’ve been having to do.

The wretched storm we had Friday night and trees such as these have left us without power for almost 48 hours. I think this is God’s way of telling me to shut up about living life on the prairie.

My blog has become quite the food blog as of late and with no power of course my biggest worry was, “WHAT WILL WE EAT? AND HOW WILL I UPLOAD MY PICTURES??????”. Talk about first world pains…

But no need to fear as we’ve been improvising over here at the Coleman house. The grill has become our new best friend.

We had steak and eggs for breakfast. Just like the one’s they had at Nellie’s restaurant. How Little House on the Prairie is that?

I clearly should stay away from the grill because this is what happened when I tried to cook. See those black marks, that is was bacon.

If you don’t have power, don’t worry, I’m sweating and taking cold showers too. I feel your pain.

**shortly after I finished writing this, I got a call that the power was back on but i figured, why waste a blog post?

Have a fabulous week!


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