I’m the type of person that wishes that I lived with Laura Ingalls & Pa but got to keep my cell phone.

I love the simplicity of those times. All of my favorite episodes of Little House on the Prairie are the ones where everyone is doing something quaint or something with babies. I loved when Mary got married to Adam and when Nellie had her twins. I also love the episode where the blind school burns down…uh what?

I love how Laura had to collect the eggs from the chickens and how Ma ran Nellie’s restaurant and was always making lamb stew and steak and eggs….good times.

Something about farm fresh eggs (or as my sister Kellye said, eggs straight from the rear of a chicken) and their speckles make me happy. My dear friends and neighbors the Conklins gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs and boy did I cook those suckers.

Scrambled eggs and toast with this herbed butter. When I scramble my eggs, I crack two eggs directly into a non-heated skillet. After I crack them, I add butter, turn on the burner to medium and start to whisk. I whisk continually until they are cooked to my liking. The are much fluffier this way for whatever reason. Sprinkle some thyme on top of those eggs and you have breakfast.

Don’t forget your orange juice!<;


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