the weekend

Yesterday, I had a small shindig at my house that I suppose was a graduation party but I like to think that it was a block party in my honor.

Everyone who came, means a lot to me and they all have played some sort of role in my life. Basically, I love them all.

My sister Kellye did most of the picture taking and I just wanted to share a few. 

my sisters Erica and Sara got all pinterest on us and fancied up our mason jars

This lovely lady has been sending me Christmas cards each year for the past 10 years…greatest 3rd grade teacher ever. I adore her.

I can’t wait to get the chance to babysit this little guy as I love the Hemmings!

Can’t get enough of the Conklins! They’re amazing.

My sweet neighbors are moving at the end of the week! Love them.

My second family, the Heffners.

Emily and her husband Joel are moving this month but they’re moving to Charlotte!!! I’ll be invading their kitchen next year on the reg!

I’ve been friends with this kid for 7 years. He rocks my socks.

And of course, I just lurveeee my family.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend spent with people who love you.

***tomorrow I’ll be sharing my experience making cake pops #getexcited


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