sweet tea

In the South, sweet tea is a staple thing you should always have on hand. If I could have it my way, there’d be sweet tea coming from the faucet in my kitchen sink.

Sweet tea is easy as anything to make. I don’t like mine super sweet but one thing that’s so fabulous about making it yourself is you can adjust the amount of sugar that goes in.

I start by boiling water on the stove.

I put the tea bags in my pitcher (you can pretty much just read the directions from your favorite kind of tea)

While the water boils I make a simple syrup. I take equal parts sugar and water (1 cup of each in my case) and heat it until the sugar dissolves. While the sugar/water mixture heats I’ll sometimes throw in a few fresh mint leaves or a few lemon slices.

Once the water is boiled, I let the bags steep in my pitcher and add the simple syrup and stir. I chill it and serve it with ice.

I got artsy and drank mine from a mason jar with a sprig of fresh mint in it. Or you could drink it out of your left shoe. Whatever works.


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