thrifting: what the cool kids are doing

I used to have this major opposition to shopping in thrift stores.

My mom would come home with some of the coolest tables and random finds but I’d always turn my nose up at them. How rude and senseless I was!

Thrift stores now rock my world. Sure I feel the need to wash my hands when I leave but I’ve known of Goodwills that are overflowing with cute clothing on the color coded racks that are simply hidden between the 80s prom dresses and the hideous Christmas sweaters. I personally don’t tend to buy clothes at thrift stores but I do straight up take over the kitchen/plates section.

At our local thrift store in the thriving metropolis that is Orange County (sarcasm), there are many things to be found and I often times find myself buying things that I don’t need. I literally have conversations with myself  “why do you need these mini scalloped ramekin thingies” “because they’re mini, obviously” “but what would you use them for” “who cares? they’re only 50 cents” and so of course, I bought them. They were Crate & Barrel people and they were 50 freaking cents, that’s half of a dollar! hollerrrrr

This weekend, go to a thrift store somewhere. Who knows what curious lovelies you will find.


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