let them eat cake

I don’t know if Marie Antoinette actually said it but man that’s a great line.

I got really ambitious last week and decided to make a 4 layer, 2 flavored cake with homemade buttercream for my sister’s birthday. In case you don’t already know, I have not by any means mastered the art of cake making. Seriously.

The cake didn’t taste bad at all mind you but I am my own worst critic and was not feeling it. I am a firm believer in that you eat with your eyes. I tried this petaled design on the outside….’twas a fail but you had better believe I am going to try it again. I just need stiffer buttercream I think…things to ponder.

Speaking of things to ponder, I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliance behind Joyeuse Photography. I was inspired in just one short hour. I was inspired to reassess everything I’ve ever thought about the photography business and I learned two very important things: that I need to grow thicker skin (not be so impressionable) and I need to go with my gut). Tahni’s personality is just so warm and her style is to die for. And she’s fluent in French and loves French culture! Who does that sound like….ME! We are going to be friends I can feel it ’cause my left elbow keeps twitching and you know what that means….yeah, ok it means nothing, just that I have spastic elbows.

it’s almost the weekend!!!


3 thoughts on “let them eat cake

  1. girl, you are crazy. you rocked those petals. but seriously, that looks amazing. anytime you wanna send one my way, you know my address 😉

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