Today is going to be a long week…

There was this one time when one of my sisters, who I shall not name, said, “Today is going to be a long week”. Those of us who were sitting at the dinner table when she said it were all just like “Uh…what?” While it was a simple slip of the tongue, I think Sara’s phrase describes my life at the moment perfectly. Oops, I said it was Sara.

There are 4 days until spring break and I’m pretty sure that each day is going to be so slow and make it the longest week of my life. I am so ready to go home and complete some of my March goals. Mondays are tough.

I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed and that today won’t be too long of a week for you.

P.S. I just want you all to know, that I love you all and appreciate you checking in on my blog. It seriously makes me really happy. So thank you.


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