Wait a second, but I thought…

If you’ve been following my blog regularly (if you’re visiting it for the first time,  welcome!), then you may have noticed that lately, everything I’ve been posting has featured pictures from my iPhone or my favorite things from Pinterest. And you’ve probably been thinking, “Wait a second, but I thought this was a photography blog? Where are your pictures?” Well my friend, you’re right. This is a photography blog. However, it’s not that I haven’t been taking pictures…

The thing is, my computer space is full.

I take pictures, I upload them, but then my poor computer can’t make space for the RAW files and the finished photos. What’s a girl to do????

Don’t worry though, I’m working on it. Come to think of it, I’ve been feeling a lot of changes coming to CCP and part of that is post-processing and filing and bookkeeping and all the logistical things that come with making an attempt to start your own business.  I’ll share these changes with you as soon as I pray a little more and get college plans figured out.

Until then, here is a picture I took 2 years ago back when I did my first “styled” shoot ever. Seems so long ago.

Much love,



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