Just a little love.

I am currently sitting in math class sporting red jeans and a pink sweater (yes you read correctly, I’m blogging in math class…shhhh). I love Valentine’s day. I know that you’re supposed to be sweet and tell people that you love them every day of the year but this is the day where you can wear pink and red and stuff your face with chocolate and no one will judge you!!!!!!! Great, right?

I’ve never had a real valentine on Valentine’s Day and this day used to be Singles Awareness Day for me and I’d wallow in my lonliness. However, this year, I came to the realization that I shouldn’t even care about the fact that I don’t have some handsome guy sending me flowers! (My parents sent me the sweetest care package instead). Once I dumped my boyfriend, and got past the pink balloons and the red roses and the massive box of chocolates that were outside my door this morning, I realized that this day is all about good old fashioned l-o-v-e.

And no, I’m not talking about your unhealthy obsession love for Ryan Gosling. I’m talking about real genuine love. You should go out and tell someone you love them if you haven’t before but always wanted to. You should do something kind for someone that you might not normally want to. Hug your mom, hug your uncle, kiss a baby! I don’t know! You might change a life with some act of kindness on this day of love.

Just a little love goes a long way.

I stuffed my face with this this morning and am glad that I did.

Happy Valentines Day!


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